THEY'RE FINALLY HERE!!! You know that you've said it a few times...or even a millions of times over the years, but neve realized it until now!! Available in short sleeve, long sleeve and crewneck sweatshirt, this new design will have you saying "Ope...I love my new apparel more than anything!" and will have others immeidatley knowing where your home is.  

We hand print a very soft hand ink on the super soft and extremely popular Next Level Apparel brand and it's sure to become a favorite piece in your wardrobe for years to come. "OPE!" - It's an Indiana Thang! Apparel apparel is finally available for your preorder, so order yours now before they are gone!!!


**Please note that the first preorder period runs for two weeks (January 13 - January 27) and printing/shipping starts immediately after to account for the high demand. Preorders will be collected during the evening of January 26 and blank items will be ordered immediately to begin production. Orders typically take 1-2 weeks to produce and ship to their owners once blanks come in.

"OPE!" - It's an Indiana Thang! Apparel

  • Always wash custom printed apparel inside out and on the cold setting of your washer to extend the life of the apparel. Please always follow the instructions on the apparel label for further care instructions.